Stop Playing the Texting Game with Sitter

Every so often, we hear an awesome Sitter success story that we just can’t help but share. This week, we’ve got Dan H.’s sitter story.

“For years I tried finding an app that would allow me to send a single message that would go out to multiple sitters and allow me to hear back from them individually. All that I could find were apps that would be a giant group text. Either that or I would have to copy and paste the same message a gazillion times. This was agonizing, frustrating and time-consuming when all I wanted to do was book a babysitter quickly.
Finally, after years of waiting and searching I found sitter. I instantly fell in love with the app because it allowed me to not only compile my list of sitters, but share them with friends in the area and see their sitters also. To be able to do that as well as send a single request to all of my sitters is amazing. The added bonus of being able to pay my sitter within the same app left me speechless. I finally found my go to app for babysitting! Thank you for your hard work in making an amazing app to make my life as a parent of three young kids easier!” -Dan H.