Sitter’s Top 4 Holiday Escapes

Was Thanksgiving with your extended family filled with more drama than the Kardashians? Are you anxiety-ridden thinking about spending another holiday with all the family expectations?  If you are up at night, not with your newborn, but fretting over the next holiday gathering, take our advice and skip town for a bit!

It’s not too late to snag a last minute flight to whisk you the hubby and littles away from the nutty extended family dynamics! While we can’t guarantee that your husband won’t annoy you and the kids won’t fight, we can help you escape the nosey MIL, who always babies her son while sneaking candy to the kids right before you try and tuck them into bed.

Unsure where to go, here are Sitters favorite places to celebrate the end of 2017:

Big City Sophistication In San Francisco:

We know, everyone loves NY at Christmas. That is why we say go to San Francisco! There is no denying that NY is a great city, but at the holidays, it’s COLD and crowded! Escape to San Francisco, where the weather is mild (less complaining from the kids and no bundling them up in snowsuits, so that is a huge win!) the food is fantastic and the holiday spirit is everywhere you look.

Get Away From It All In A Cozy Cabin:

Nothing is cozier than a cabin nestled in a grove of pine trees. Whispy smoke from the fireplace swirling in the air and well-behaved kids drinking hot cocoa and playing board games inside. We know the reality won’t be so simple, but we love the visual so much we don’t want to taint it by talking about how stir crazy the kids might be! The great thing about getting away from it all is no matter what state you live in a quick search on air bnb will have you away from the hustle and bustle in no time.

Beach Town Escape For Some South Of The Border Holiday Cheer:

If you want to splurge this winter and really get away from it all, we say, head south of the border to Belize. Celebrate the holidays sitting on the beach, kayaking, paddleboarding, and drinking cocktails while the kids play in the sand, zip line and swim with sea turtles.  You will come home from your holiday sunkissed, relaxed and ready to take on 2018! Fun fact about Belize, English is the native language, so no need to stress about reviewing your high school Spanish notes before you go!

Baby Its Cold Outside, Bundle Up For A Cozy Montreal Holiday:

Do you come from a long lineage of hearty folk who can’t embrace the holiday season without your nose hairs freezing together every inhale? If so, Montreal is the perfect holiday getaway for you and your family! Once there, strap on ice skates, harness up your dog sled, cozy up for some fireworks, or stroll through quaint streets lined with festive lights. As long as your kids don’t mind the cold, Montreal is pure holiday magic for the entire family.

Whether you escape the extended family, or you bundle up and head over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we want to remind you of  two  important holiday survival tips: One, remember to charge the iPads before you leave. We have found there is nothing worse than the kids entertainment ending before you arrive! Two, don’t forget about Sitter for those moments when you need to sneak away. Happy Parents = Happy Kids = Happy Families. Do any of us want anything more than happiness?