Horray! It’s time for another Sitter Spotlight! We love these two NY moms, Kaity Velez & Jessica Pallay, who share amazing style advice for new moms on Well Rounded NY!

Just the other day at Sitter, we were talking about Friends, the TV show that was all the rage in the 90’s. Ok, so we’ve totally “dated” ourselves and just realized that all you young, new mommies never stayed home on a Thursday night to watch “Must See TV.” Why would you sit home and wait for a TV show when you can DVR it? How did we survive?

Anyway, Kaity & Jessica, the founders and editors at Well Rounded NY, are the 2016 version of Monica and Rachel. They are amazing, energetic New York women with impeccable style.

Lucky for us, they are also moms who are helping the rest of us be just a little more awesome while pregnant! Recently, we were lucky to steal a few minutes of their time so that we can share their awesomeness with you! Read all the way to the end for the best post-baby fashion advice we have ever read. Spoiler alert: Tall expensive, irresponsible heels for date night! What a great tip for making new moms feel sexy again!

  1. What was the defining or ah-ha moment that led you to create WRNY? Our pregnancies! We are both former menswear editors and when we found out we were pregnant (conveniently just 3 months apart), we searched high and low for a website that we felt spoke to us as modern pregnant NYC women. When we only found bits and pieces here and there we decided that we needed to create that resource now called Well Rounded NY.
  2. What is your funniest parenting moment?
    • K: There are so many hilarious tiny moments, like dropping crumbs on my baby’s head while eating and babywearing, nursing in random places and balancing my baby on my lap while trying to change a diaper blowout in a tiny restaurant bathroom with no changing station. Hard to choose just one!
    • J: Those first few months of speaking…or should I say repeating?….are hysterical. Hearing lines that only an adult should say come out of a 2-year-old’s mouth is just priceless.
  3. What is your favorite date night activity in the city?
    • K: We’re simple creatures. Definitely dinner and drinks at a spot we’ve never tried before.
    • J: Get out of our neighborhood and try a new restaurant with a couple of friends, which forces us to talk about other stuff besides our kids. Get home late enough that the kids are already asleep, but early enough to get a good night’s sleep myself. Because those kiddos don’t care you had a date night last night at 6am the next day.
  4. What is your best style advice for date night after baby (when you still feel like a blimp)?
    • K: Focus on the face-up. Get your hair did. Do your makeup and keep it simple from the neck down. A flowy maxi with flats is a great way to go.
    • J: Put on a pair of heels. Tall, expensive, irresponsible ones. And treat yourself to a cab. You deserve it, mama.

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