Self-care for you and your business

You’ve likely read many articles about the importance of self-care that focus on things you can do at home- a soak in the tub, meditation, or reading a book.  These are all great ways to take time for yourself, but you don’t need to wait until you get home to start doing this.  Here are a few ways to bring some self-care into your workday:

Take time during the workday to reset

Ever have a meeting end, only to have another start in 5 minutes and you don’t know what to do? It’s not enough time to start something new, so why don’t you take that time to pause, close your eyes, and breathe.  Trust me- that email can wait!

Find one thing from your long term to-do list and start it 

We all have those “When I finally have time” lists of things you yearn to do for your business.  Who says you have to wait until you have “more” time?  Start small, but start tackling one item from this list.  Break it into 15 minute increments so you can make progress on something that really excites you.  Not only will you feel invigorated by starting something new, it will also motivate you to move more quickly on your day-to-day items so you can get to the fun stuff!

Go on a walking meeting 

The most draining part of the day is sitting in front of your computer for hours on end.  The next time you have a one-on-one meeting with a team member, why don’t you take it outside?  Walk around the block or the parking lot if you’re able to.  Working from home?  No problem!  Just pop in your earbuds and take your next Zoom call outside.  The fresh air will revitalize you while the movement will wake you up!

Find tools to simplify your day to day

One of the best ways to take care of yourself is to get rid of the things that are draining your time.  If you’re spending time sending endless confirmation emails, texting caregivers to fill jobs, or sending invoices, a booking and payment system such as Sitter Pro could simplify your business.

Crowdsource your self-care routine

This list is great, but you know what’s even better?  More ideas! Start a Slack channel or group text with your team members and encourage them to share when they’re taking care of themselves.  Not only does this give you new ideas, but it reinforces with the entire team how important it is to take care of yourself and boosts team morale.  Talk about a win-win-win!

Tidy your space

A cluttered desk can make you feel overwhelmed.  But don’t despair!  Even if you don’t have time to organize everything, just take a minute to tidy paperwork into orderly piles that you can file later and clear off anything you don’t need.

Stop to smell the roses

Or the coffee.  Or a candle.  Or your favorite lotion.  Whatever you’re doing, just stop.  And inhale. And exhale. And repeat.


The daily grind can be overwhelming at times, but if you can take at least five minutes to recharge you’ll be thanking yourself later!

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