We know that all of us moms secretly long for a night of excitement. For experiencing what lives beyond the piles of dirty laundry and endless needs from our kids – one more drink of water, more granola bars. It’s only natural that we have all thought, “If I could have an alter ego, what would it be?”

At Sitter, we often ponder what our alter egos would be – Roxy, the punk girl with hot pink hair, Iggy, the rapper, or Iron Butterfly, the totally rad roller derby mom.

Roller Derby. How cool is that? Don’t we all want to be roller derby girls? Tough. Vivacious. Awesome outfits. Get out of my way.

If your roller skating skills leave something to be desired, and the cost of Gymboree classes are draining your roller skating lessons fund, why not take this dream and turn it into date night!

Find your local league. Grab your honey. Line up your sitter. And, head out to a local roller derby bout! We’re pretty sure it will be a night to remember. Of course, the entire time you’re there, we would expect that you pretend that you are a roller derby mom who is side-lined by an injury. You know, a little role playing to spice up date night never hurt anyone.

You rock, mama! Happy Date Night!