Plant-Based Recipes Everyone Can Swallow

When we dreamed up this blog post we really wanted to title it, “Torture Your Kids With Plant-Based Recipes.” However, since we are smart, responsible adults (at least we try to be!) we know that eating healthy doesn’t have to be torture!

Before we get any further, let’s make one thing clear. At Sitter we are not promoting any one lifestyle or diet that your family should follow… We know that even the most meat-loving family can benefit from adding a few more veggies to their meal rotation.

Personal experience has taught us that quickest way to get our meat-loving little one (or husband) to whine (bummer, not the kind of wine we are looking for) about dinner – is to tell them that we are jumping on the #meatlessmonday bandwagon.

Vegetarian and vegan meals no longer have the strong association of hippie, crunchy, granola types living off the land in a log cabin with no plumbing. Around the world, you can find fast food style vegetarian and vegan restaurants. As well as upscale plant-based eateries that would give any Michelin rated restaurant a run for their money. If you are someone inspired by hashtags, #meatlessmonday might give you the oomph you need to add more veggies to your meals. If you are looking for inspiration for plant-based, kid-friendly recipes – the list below won’t disappoint!

Naturally Ella

Isa Chandra

Cookie and Kate

Oh She Glows

Oh My Veggies

Happy Pear

Dreena Burton

My Whole Foods Life

Fried Dandelions

Is your little one struggling to get on the plant-based bandwagon? A gentle reminder that some dinosaurs only ate plants might do the trick. We admit this may work better with the 3-year-old crowd… but hey, it’s worth a shot!

We are always looking for ideas on what to feed our family. Please message us on FaceBook with your favorite foodie bloggers (plant-based or others).