Park Safety for Babysitters

With summer winding down into autumn, you and the littles you watch will desperately want to enjoy the final few days of nice weather by spending time outside—specifically, at the park. Before you pack up the kids and head to the local park, be sure to set a few ground rules for the children to ensure everyone’s safety.

Stay aware of your surroundings.

Although the park is sure to be full of other families, it is crucial that you as a babysitter are conscious of both the playground and its immediate surroundings. Be sure to have an eye on each child that you are babysitting and stay aware of the other adults at the park. If something or somebody makes you or one of the children feel unsettled and uncomfortable, pack up the party and head to a different location.

Crawlers and Climbers

If you are babysitting young children and toddlers, encourage them to try new things at the playground, like sliding and climbing, but only under your direct supervision to avoid accidents and injuries. On that note, also be sure to include a first aid kit inside of your bag. You can find other suggestions on what to pack here.

“Wait… what are you eating?”

Most playgrounds and parks are cushioned with wood chips, sand, or dirt. As a babysitter, it is your responsibility to make sure that the kiddos aren’t snacking on a wood chip or shoveling sand and dirt into their mouths. Also, with the number of families at the park, it is inevitable that your kids try to snag a snack from another child’s family. Be sure to sit down and let the kids know that the only snacks they should be eating while at the park will come directly from you.
That said, be sure to bring water for yourself and each child that is with you! Hot dehydrated kiddos are no fun. Work hard. Play harder. Hydrate hardest.

Get Involved

Most kids love nothing more than the moments that their babysitter makes the decision to get active and play with them. With the kids, brainstorm new game ideas that’ll be sure to entertain them for hours. Or, you can take this time at the park to teach the kids your favorite game from your days in the schoolyard. If you’re still out of ideas, check out Sitter’s list of fun outdoor activities here.

Going to the park should be a fun activity for all of you. It gets everyone out of the house to burn a little energy, and it’s a great way to spend time together doing something exciting, especially when you’re trying to soak up those last bits of summer sun. So get out there and have a good time!

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