Ditch The Mundane, Sitter has 5 Unique Ideas For Girls’ Night!

Hey Mamas!

Guess what, at Sitter, we have made it so simple to book a babysitter that we left you with virtually no excuses to stay home in your comfy sweats! Round up your BFF’s and get ready for a night out that doesn’t involve tiny cut up foods and bedtime routines! Ok, we know, the reality is between work, science fair projects, sports practices and life meltdowns it’s not easy to gather your girls and have some grown-up me time. Since getting the girls together can take more coordination than your crazy carpool schedule, don’t settle for another mundane happy hour! Elevate your night out with one of these 5 unique (dare we say kick-a**) ideas.

Go-Kart Racing

We know you spend the day “karting” your kids around… that’s what makes this the perfect girls night out! Go-kart racing offers you the chance to let off your road rage steam without the worry that your pint-sized passengers will catch you flipping off a driver, or having them repeat the words you muttered under your breath in the pickup line at school! Grab your girlfriends, put on your helmet, buckle up and let your road rage out!

Photo Lesson

Want the opportunity to make those Instagram pics pop? We love the idea of getting together with girlfriends and hiring a local photographer to give your group a photography lesson. Although you might never grasp the difference between aperture and bokeh, a few simple tips will mean the difference between a photo that gets liked by the grandparents and a photo that gets loved by all your followers! Extra bonus, if you decide that you will take turns modeling for each other you have the perfect excuse for a pre-photo lesson facial!

Scan Groupon

It’s like planning a mystery date! The morning of girls night, scan Groupon for a great deal. The fun is not knowing what you will find!. We just took a look, if we were to do this today we would be going paintballing after getting our eyebrows threaded. You can’t deny the possibilities are endless and the last minute plans let you feel like you are young again and actually have freedom in your life.

Throwback Night

Is there a girlfriend in the group whose kids are with dad or the grandparents for a night? It’s the perfect opportunity to chill at her house and watch a mini-marathon of your favorite 90’s tv series and crush on your high school heartthrob. Think, Beverly Hills 90201, Buffy The Vampire Slayer or Dawson’s Creek! Bonus points for anyone who can remember which heartthrob posters they cut out of Tiger Beat Magazine and pinned (with tacks people, this was before Pinterest) to their bedroom wall! Want to elevate the night, hire a private chef and nosh on some gourmet food. A little bit of throwback with the luxury you deserve after years of parenting!

Hatchet/Ax Throwing

After a long day of answering questions from a toddler, and bargaining with your preschooler to eat their veggies, is there anything more satisfying than the thunk of an axing hitting its target? We don’t think so! With roots in warfare and pioneering, ax- throwing connects you to a lineage of some pretty bad-ass activities carried out by those who went before us. In some places ax-throwing is considered a sport, so you can claim it’s your work out for the day! For now, axe-throwing only has commercial locations in the US, Canada, and the UK. If you live outside of those areas you may find yourself out of luck. Or you can take the idea, run with it and open up your own ax throwing emporium.

Whatever activity you and your girls do, don’t let your mom guilt start to creep into the night! The babysitter or hubby has the kids under control. If you start to feel any guilt at being out, remind yourself that you are modeling for your daughters the importance of self-care. If you have boys you are teaching your boys to be the supportive husbands that you want them to be! Enjoy your girls night and make sure to tag us in any photos you take! We love to see our community out having fun!