Last week, we brought you The Secret Life Of A Wannabe Roller Derby Mom. So, we think it’s  fitting that we follow that up with a Throwback Thursday date night idea that involves dusting off those roller skates hidden in the back of your closet. Yes, we are talking to you, secret wannabe roller derby mom. We know you still have those roller skates – lace ’em up.

We love dinner and a movie as much as the next couple. Sometimes you can’t beat a great dinner where someone else cooks and cleans the dishes, followed by a comfy seat and a quiet movie theater. You get to enjoy a date night where you don’t even have to talk for most of it!  After a day of “why, why, why” from the kids, the boss, and your barking dog, it can be a win-win to spend some quality time with your love without having to talk or think. (Well, you might have to talk through dinner, but a few properly placed questions can get your hubby to do most of the talking while you nod your head in agreement.)

But, we also know that every once in a while, you want (need!) to mix it up a bit. For those nights when you are looking to take date night up a notch, you can’t go wrong taking inspiration from your middle school days spent at the roller rink.

A quick Google search will reveal where the closest roller rink is to your house. (Yes, they still exist and they still have a disco ball.) If you are lucky you can go on Retro Night and skate to some ’80’s music as you hold hands. Just don’t get too close! You better be able to fit a chaperone in the middle.  

Be prepared to laugh and have a ball. Don’t feel bad if you feel winded and out of shape – we’re sure they made the rinks a lot bigger over the last 30 years. 😉

The biggest question is: do you dress the part and wear your leggings and hair scrunchies?

Have fun out there, parents!