Filling the “Camp Gap”

2020 has been a year of surprises and this summer is no different.  Many of our summer pastimes may not be possible this year or will look a little different.  One of the most notable activities impacted is summer camps.  Many camps have decided to close for the summer, while others are opening with limited availability.   However, just because children may not be able to go to camp, that doesn’t mean camp can’t come to them!

Babysitting and nanny agencies have a great opportunity to help bring camp to their families.  Sitters have always worn many hats (caregiver, friend, mentor), why not add ‘camp counselor’ to that list?!  By creating a camp service, you can provide families with the in-home care they need, while also bringing a little more excitement into it!  You can offer single day sessions or a weeklong offering and give families different themes to choose from.  And what camp would be complete without a closing ceremony for the parents?  For example:

Science Camp

  • Activities: Make silly putty/slime, create an egg drop, make rock candy, erupt a volcano, plant seeds and watch them grow
  • Closing ceremony: Final experiment results

Art Camp

  • Activities: Paint, draw (markers, pencils), create sculptures with play-doh, make friendship bracelets
  • Closing ceremony: “Gallery” show

Theater Camp

  • Activities: Put on a play, sing, puppet show, dance
  • Closing ceremony: Final ‘show’ (play, song, dance, etc.)

Dance Camp

  • Activities: Create a choreographed routine, stretch/yoga, freestyle dance, learn about new/different styles
  • Closing ceremony: Final recital

Olympics Camp

  • Activities: 100-yard dash, gymnastics, long jump, water balloon toss
  • Closing ceremony:  Medal ceremony

Sports Camp

  • Activities: Soccer, riding bikes, baseball/softball, basketball, frisbee, golf 
  • Closing ceremony: Trophy ceremony

Adventure Camp

  • Activities: Search for and identify different bugs or flowers, “hike” around the neighborhood, nature scavenger hunt, make a bird feeder
  • Closing ceremony: Scavenger hunt show and tell

Each camp session can be tailored to the appropriate ages for the family and will leave them with memories they won’t forget! Get camping!