4 Last-Minute Ideas To Make Your Valentine Feel Special

Oh man, Valentine’s Day! Is it just us at Sitter or does everyone feel like once you have kids the holidays never stop? Truth be told we are still recovering from the December holiday run and New Year’s festivities. Ok, who are we kidding?  There is no need to recover from New Year’s when you don’t even make it to midnight!

Next stop on the holiday crazy train, Valentine’s Day!  We assume that we are not the only ones who realized mid-afternoon, that oops no gift for the sweetheart in our life.  We tell ourselves that the omission is understandable after the arduous process of creating a bazillion school Valentine’s Day cards – each lovingly crafted for everyone in your child’s class. At this point, we can hardly remember our own name. How could we possibly have the energy to source the perfect Valentine’s gift for our lovely spouse? Did we mention the kid’s Valentine’s Day projects had glitter? Seriously, glitter. It is easy to see why it slipped our mind that Valentine’s Day is a holiday to celebrate with our spouse (you know – the person that helped us create this beautiful glitter-covered mess of a life.)

Are you are reading this on Valentine’s Day and having a “whoops” moment, realizing you forgot to get your spouse a gift? Don’t be so hard on yourself! Most importantly, for the love of St. Valentine, don’t be the person at the gas station buying the mystery box of toothpaste-flavored Valentine’s chocolates. As parents ourselves, we can think of a million little things we would rather have. For inspiration, take a glance at our top 4 below.

  • Without asking if they need help, recognize a chore that usually falls to your spouse’s capable hands and do it for them! Before you get started, make sure to tuck them away in the living room with their favorite show on TV and far enough away from the kids so they feel like they are on a mini staycation in the living room. Ok, we admit – that might be the worst staycation ever!
  • Order your spouse’s favorite takeout for dinner. This is a stealthy superhero move! With one phone call, you get dinner sorted out and cut down on the number of dishes that need to be done. Dream come true!
  • Has your Valentine been needing a night out with friends? Send a few text messages and set up a night out for your spouse with his/her friends for the upcoming weekend.
  • Take advantage of technology and send some love notes during the day to remind your spouse why you love them. A simple gesture like this goes a long way and if you keep it up after the holiday, we’re sure you’ll get some bonus points!

We can choose to look at parenting as either the end of romance, or we can say that it simplifies romance. Once you have children, it truly is the little things that mean the most. Gone is the pressure and expectation of the perfect flowers and an expensive dinner at the trendiest restaurant. Now it is truly all about you, your spouse and your love for each other. By recognizing what small things in life will make the biggest impact to your partner and offering them your support, you can create a last-minute Valentine’s gift that is truly worth giving.

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